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    COVID-19 Curling Protocols

    This document was prepared utilizing various sources including Curling Canada, CurlON, CSCM, NGCOA, Health Officials, etc.  The Club at North Halton will continue to utilize recommended safety procedures by Health Officials to ensure we do everything possible to keep our Team, Members and Community safe.



    1. Prior to stepping on the ice this season, Members MUST sign the Waiver and Release of Liability, with Covid-19 Additions
    2. Prior to your first time on the ice this season, Members MUST sign and agree to the Covid-19, Member Rules and Curling Protocols Declaration, which includes the following:
      1. Member and Team Member access is not permitted if anyone in their household has experienced flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days; and
      2. Member and Team Member access is not permitted if anyone in your household has travelled or experienced a lay-over outside of Canada in the last 14 days unless a negative COVID-19 test result has been received.

     *Please note:  The following are the current protocols, however, the Club will be reviewing and reconsidering restrictions daily in order to re-open as many services/facilities when considered safe.


    Arriving at the Club

    Players are able to arrive up to a maximum of 25 minutes in advance of their scheduled draw time.  If you are earlier than 25 minutes prior to your draw time, please wait in your car.  Upon entry to the building for each game, members will be required to sign-in on the contact tracing app that will be provided to the club by CurlON.  This will involve each member being e-mailed a QR code which can be saved to your phone or printed out and will act like a boarding pass for an airplane for you to sign in.  In the event you forget your phone or printed pass, a staff member will be able to get you signed in.


    Draw Times

    Draw times will be scheduled as normal and adjustments will be made if necessary as government restrictions change.


    Length of Season

    Curling season at the club will start as usual with league play commencing on Tuesday, October 12, immediately following Thanksgiving.  The season will conclude on Sunday, April 10, 2022. 


    Washrooms/Locker Rooms

    Washrooms and locker rooms at the club are open and available for use on the lower level of the clubhouse.  Lockers will be available to those that had them in previous seasons first.  Any new locker requests will be accommodated based on locker availability.


    Playing the Game

    Curling Canada, in partnership with all provincial member associations (including CurlON) have released their Return to Play 2.0 Guidelines.  The important changes to game as outlined in the Return to Play Guidelines are as follows:

    • No shaking hands before or after the game
    • All shots will be played with only 1 sweeper. The one person designated for sweeping that shot is the only person permitted to sweep any rocks on that shot.
      • Sweepers may not switch out part way down the ice
      • The 2nd “sweeper” may travel down the ice with the stone (keeping their distance from the other sweeper) to help provide input and help judge the weight of the stone.
      • Skips may not come out to help sweep
      • Skips and vice skips (both teams) may not sweep any other of their teams rocks that have been set in motion by the delivering team.
      • Opposing skips are not permitted to sweep behind the tee line and must stay out of the house when their team is not throwing.
    • There will be markings in the ice indicating where players of the non-throwing team must stand to ensure physical distancing.
    • Players must keep to 1 side of the sheet when moving from 1 end to the other. (Example, players on Sheet A must always move up and down the sheet on the Sheet B side of Sheet A; players on Sheet B must always move up and down the sheet on the Sheet C side of Sheet B, ect)
    • 1 of the vices shall be designated to be in charge of all scoring for the game. They will be the only person permitted to hang scores on the scoreboard.  Alternatively, a mobile device/smartphone may be used to keep score instead of posting scores on the scoreboard.
    • Players must only throw and touch the stone handles of their rocks for the game. Exchanging of stones mid-game is not permitted.  If you must move a stone belonging to another person, please do so by using your broom on the strikeband (side) of the curling stone.


    Social Time After Games

    After curling, post-game refreshments will still be permitted to take place.  Regular tables of 8 will be set up and tables will be separated by a minimum of 2m.  Players will have a 60-minute time limit at their table, after which it must be vacated to be sanitized and participants would be required to leave the premises.


    Mask Usage

    As required by Halton Region and The Town of Halton Hills temporary by-laws, masks must be worn indoors.  This excludes people who are actively participating in a curling match.  Please keep your mask on your person when in the rink.  In the event of an on-ice injury requiring assistance, masks should be worn by all of those in close contact.

    Masks would be required upon entry to the building and to such time that they are in the curling rink and their game commences.  Masks would be required to be worn after games until participants are seated at their table for post-game refreshments, at which point the mask may be removed.  Should anyone need to leave their seat, whether to go to the washroom or leave the building, the mask is required to be worn.



    Spectators will not be permitted at the club to watch any curling games.


    Club Equipment

    We encourage all club members to have their own equipment, but club Equipment such as brooms, sliders, and stabilizers will be available for use.  They will remain sanitized on a regular basis.


    How We Will Keep You Safe

    The club and its staff will be working diligently to clean and sanitize all areas being used in the clubhouse.  The health and safety of our staff, members, and greater community is our number one priority.

    We have implemented the following practices to help keep you safe:

    • All curling stone handles will be sanitized prior to each draw
    • Measuring devices will be sanitized prior to each draw
    • The door handle to the rink will be sanitized prior to each draw
    • Physical/Social distancing, warning signs of hazards of Covid-19 and other requirements will be posted throughout the Club property as a reminder of the policies and procedures
    • All Club Team Members will have the authority to remove Members not adhering to physical/social distancing policies and curling protocols
    • Do not approach staff or violate the required physical distancing of 6 feet or 2 meters
    • Club access is not permitted for any: Member or Team Member if anyone in their household has experienced flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days; any Members or Team Members households have travelled or experienced a lay-over outside of Canada in the last 14 days and have not received a negative test for COVID-19; if you have not signed the Waiver and Release of Liability; and if you have not signed and agreed to the Covid-19, Member Rules and Curling Protocols Declaration
    • Do not come to the Club if you or anyone in your household is sick or feeling unwell.

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