Men's Competitive League Rules

Men’s Competitive League
Rules of Play
Draw Start Times:  6:30pm & 9:00pm Tuesday, 9:00pm select Wednesdays.
League Format:  Teams will play a full round robin for regular season play.  Teams are ranked based on their win/loss record.
Playoffs:  Teams will be split in to 3 divisions based on final regular season standings.  A Division (8 Teams), B Division (5 teams), C Division (5 teams).  Teams will play a round robin within their division and be re-ranked based on these results, followed by a Page Playoff system to determine division champions.  The winner of the A division playoffs is declared the Men’s Club Champions and will represent the club at the Travelers Curling Club Championship in the fall.
Length of Game:  8-ends – not to be longer than 2 hours.  Teams may concede at any point.  If teams are tied after 8 ends, a full extra-end will be played towards the glass to determine a winner.
Skips:  The skip for a team throughout the course of the game must be a rostered team member.  The skip is deemed to be the person in charge of the house for 6 of the 8 shots per end.  While the skip is not required to throw 4th stones, a rostered team member is required to throw 4th stones.
Spares:  Spares must play front end and must not play a position higher than that of the person they are replacing. 
Minimum Number of Players:  Each team must have at least 2 rostered team members for the game to not be in default.
Scoring:  Win/Loss

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