Men’s Competitive League
    Rules of Play
    Draw Start Times:  6:30pm & 9:00pm Tuesday, 9:00pm select Wednesdays.
    League Format:  Teams will play a full round robin for regular season play.  Teams are ranked based on their win/loss record.
    Playoffs:  Teams will be split in to 3 divisions based on final regular season standings.  A Division (8 Teams), B Division (6 teams), C Division (6 teams).  Teams will play a round robin within their division and be re-ranked based on these results, followed by a Page Playoff system to determine division champions.  The winner of the A division playoffs is declared the Men’s Club Champions and will represent the club at the Everest Curling Club Championship in the fall.
    Length of Game:  8-ends – not to be longer than 2 hours.  Teams may concede at any point.  If teams are tied after 8 ends, a full extra-end will be played towards the glass to determine a winner.
    Skips:  The skip for a team throughout the course of the game must be a rostered team member.  The skip is deemed to be the person in charge of the house for 6 of the 8 shots per end.  While the skip is not required to throw 4th stones, a rostered team member is required to throw 4th stones.
    Spares:  Spares must play front end and must not play a position higher than that of the person they are replacing. 
    Minimum Number of Players:  Each team must have at least 2 rostered team members for the game to not be in default.
    Scoring:  Win/Loss


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    Club Information

    The Club at North Halton houses the only curling facility in Georgetown. Four sheets of ice support an active curling program that includes Ladies’, Men’s, Open and Mixed leagues for social and competitive curlers of all levels.  We also offer a great junior program that runs on Sundays.